PAA Series PES Pleated Filter Cartridge

The PAA series filter element is a polyethersulfone membrane folding filter element with absolute accuracy, capable of removing more bacteria and particles at high flow rates and low pressure drops.

The superior performance of the filter element is due to its unique filter medium. Asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane imported from Germany is used. It is a porous structural membrane whose aperture gradually decreases with depth.

This highly durable structure maintains consistent porosity and retention throughout the service.

The advanced hot-melt welding process ensures the integrity of the filter elements, making the filter elements have good chemical compatibility and extremely low extractable, suitable for most terminal sterilizing and filtering in the pharmaceutical industry.

• Highly durable PES film and PP components, repeatable sterilization
• Unique hydrophilicity for easy wetting testing
• Does not contain adhesive, binder and other foreign materials
• 100% integrity testing during manufacturing

• Large infusion (LVP), small injection (SVP) and eye drops for sterilization and filtration
• Biological products sterilization filtration
• Sterilizing and filtering of antibiotic aqueous solution
• Cleaning solution and disinfectant sterilizing filtration

Material of Constructions
Filter Material: PES
Media: PP
Support: PP
Cage/Core | End Cap: PP
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, Viton

Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C
Max. Operating DP: 4bar@20°C

Outer Diameter: 69mm
Length: 5", 10", 20", 30", 40", 50"