DS200 / DS300 Series Drinking Water System

Ideal for Home and Office

  • No pumps or electrical input required
  • Retains the natural minerals in water
  • No brine or wastage of water

Provides fresher-tasting water for drinking and cooking

DS Series drinking water systems can reduce a wide variety of contamination such as sediment, chlorine taste / odor and certain VOC’s from drinking water.

The systems retain the natural mineral content of the water essential to good health.

DS Series drinking water systems only require normal water line pressure to operate. No bulky storage tank, electrical power or noisy pump, making it ideal for home and office use.

Specifications DS200 DS300
Clear / Blue Filter Housings 2 3
Inlet / Outlet Connection ½” or ¾” ½”
Maximum Operating Pressure 125 PSI 125 PSI
Maximum Temperature 51.7°C 51.7°C
Sediment Filter Yes Yes
Carbon Filter Yes Yes